groups » Workshop: Grant writing » Module 3: Timelines and Budgets

Module 3 covers:
- Creating realistic budgets and timelines
- Links and dependencies
- Structure of proposal budget
- Approaches (bottom-up or top-down)

What are your reflections on this aspect of the programme? How do you approach this part of the application and what are your key considerations? Do you have any top tips or things to avoid when working on the timelines and budgets?

*Please do not share any confidential budgetary information in this discussion group*


  • monisayokomolafe monisayokomolafe 29 Oct 2020

    1. we must not over estimate
    2. our budget must be reasonable
    3. all payment must be documented and accounted for with either a receipt or a properly written document.
    4. make sure to do proper home work before submitting your budget so that you will not short pay yourself

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