A set of high-quality eLearning courses are hosted and provided by the Global Health Training Centre. Within this range of eLearning, there are a number of short courses designed to support the design and operation of clinical and laboratory studies, and the capture of high quality and ethical data.

These are general research skills courses that apply to all types of study. More specialist and modular courses are also available.

Every course in the catalogue is written to be globally applicable, for all diseases and across all regions. All of the listed courses are free to take, and with each course, the content can be downloaded and studied offline if necessary. Each course is carefully researched to provide high-quality material that is peer-reviewed and regularly updated. All eLearning courses offer certificates of completion for those who achieve the minimum pass mark.

Laboratory & Diagnostics

Good Clinical Practice

Les Bonnes Pratiques Cliniques

Introduction to Good Clinical Laboratory Practice

Introduction aux Bonnes Pratiques de Laboratoire Clinique

Basic Malaria Microscopy 


Introduction to Collecting and Reporting Adverse Events


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Research Processes & Methods

Introduction to Clinical Research

Introduction à la Recherche Clinique

Data Safety and Monitoring Boards for Clinical Trials

Les Conseils de Surveillance et de Sécurité des Données pour les Essais Cliniques

The Research Question

La Question de Recherche

Research in Emergencies

Étude sur les urgences sanitaires mondiales

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Social science, Ethics, & Communities

Ethics in epidemics, emergencies and disasters: Research, surveillance and patient care


Research in global health emergencies: Ethical issues


Essential Elements of Ethics


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Data Science

Introduction to Data Management for Clinical Research Studies


Data Sharing


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Clinical Practice

COVID-19 Infection, Prevention and Control Training


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