This malaria node of CANTAM2 goes to further enhance the successes of CANTAM1, with   institutions being Centre de Recherches de Lambarene, USSA and CIRMF (Gabon), University of Yaounde I and University of Buea (Cameroon), FCRM and IRSSA (RoC). This node is further mentored by University of Tubingen.

The node’s ultimate goals are to integrate and synergize efforts to:

- Network amongst partners and improve south-to-south and north-to-south

- Assess and compare the prevalence, severity and prognoses of Anti-malaria drug induced hepatotoxicity (DIH) in HIV positive and HIV negative individuals.

- Characterize drug sensitive and drug resistant strains which are referred to as “complex infection” in malaria parasite genetic factors that are responsible for delayed parasite  clearances during malaria episodes.

- Genetic characterization of drug resistances in pathogens; case of PYRAMAX, clinical trial study in Gabon, Cameroon, DRC and RoC

- Pharmacovigilance activities for anti-malarial drugs capacity will be implemented in the Central African zone.

- Specific training and support (Master and /or PhD) for phamacovigilance and clinical trial.